What kind of guests are you looking for?

Although the main industries we tend to focus on are banking, retail and technology, we have also recorded episodes with professionals in healthcare and education. This is to align our content with our majority audience. Since CX Insider aims to facilitate conversations surrounding customer experience, we are inclined to host any guest who has valuable CX insights to share.

Do you meet your guests before recording?

Yes, we do. The team always arranges a 30-minute introduction call with potential guests to explain the production process and discuss relevant topics for the episode. No recording takes place during this call. From experience, getting to know each other before the recording helps create a relaxed atmosphere.

Are your recordings scripted?

No, they aren’t. At least, mostly. After every introduction call, our team creates an episode plan with a list of topics and questions we will follow during the recording. Our guests approve the final list before any recording takes place. This episode plan will then set the stage for the whole conversation, but the answers are not scripted, and we also ask additional sub-questions depending on the flow of the conversation and keep it open to ebb and flow.

Do you do remote recordings?

It depends. We do record episodes with guests who live abroad or are unable to commute to our studio in London. However, it is always a better experience to do the recording in a studio and meet everyone in person. Our studio is located near Southwark Station, London.

Do you do send a copy of the final recording before it goes live?

Always. Sometimes, our guests need approval from their PR and Communications team before any recording goes live. Therefore, we always send the final version about a week before it is scheduled to be published. No recording is published without the guest’s approval.

What happens after the recording goes live?

We promote the episode on our main social media channels: LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Our team creates complementary materials like YouTube shorts, quotes and polls that promote the episode for the following two weeks, initiating conversations with our community. We may also use the recording for monthly ad campaigns.

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